Bye Bye Belgium

Hello and welcome to my blog!

As I’m writing this, I still have a couple of hours before I leave Belgium to go study abroad. Today, on the 3rd of August I’ll be hopping on a plane to Lima, Peru, where I’ll live and study as an AFS exchange student for the next eleven or so months.

During this year abroad, I’ll be staying with a host family and going to a university (Which one? No idea, there’s still much I don’t know). I’ll be meeting new people, trying some new food and learning Spanish. But most importantly, I’ll be having unforgettable experiences.

Therefore, to not forget those experiences, I’ll be keeping up a blog in which I’m going to try to write all about my faraway adventures. But it’s also to close the 10 420 kilometer gap between me and my friends and family at home.

Bye, ciao, sayonara, … or as I should be saying: adiós.

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